Authentic Kolkata Egg Roll

Very different from the crispy Chinese version, the Kolkata Egg Roll is made of a well-done egg layered on a Paratha (Indian unleavened flatbread) to which onions, green chillies and spices are added and rolled into a wrap.  I believe in leaving well enough alone, so my recipe is the authentic street-side version of the Kolkata Egg Roll. Variations of the original recipe include adding cabbage or cucumber to the roll.

Kolkata Egg Roll is an essential part of this bustling metro's street-side food culture. A stall can be found on almost every street corner. In my years in Kolkata, I never saw a stall without customers waiting eagerly to dig into the spicy, hot deliciousness of the Egg Roll. But despite the easy preparation of the Egg Roll, only a very few hole-in-the-wall eateries in Kolkata are able to get the exquisite taste that justifies the huge popularity of this fast food. To find the authentic Kolkata Egg Roll, you either need to be a Kolkatan or need to know one. Or simply follow my recipe ;)


Servings : 4 Eggrolls

    1 cup All purpose Flour (Maida)
    1/2 cup All purpose Flour (Maida) for dusting
    Oil for frying
    4 Eggs
    Salt to taste
    1 medium-size Red Onion; thinly sliced
    2-3 Green Chillies (such as Serrano); destemmed & finely chopped
    Tomato Ketchup as required
    Lemon juice as required
    Black pepper powder as required

      How to make authentic Kolkata Egg Roll

      Preparing the Parathas: 
      1. Add flour to a large bowl. Add water gradually as needed to make a smooth dough.
      2. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions and shape into balls.
      3. Place a non-stick frying pan (Tawa) on medium heat.  Let it heat for two minutes.
      4. In the meantime, take a dough ball. Flatten it slightly. Dip the flattened ball in the flour kept aside for dusting.
      5. Roll the ball into a 6-inch circle using the rolling pin. If the rolling dough starts sticking to the pin or work surface, dust both sides of the dough with flour.
      6. Place the rolled dough on the heated pan and cook for 30 seconds. Turn it and drizzle oil on it and spread it to cover the entire surface. Flip over and spread oil on the other side as well.
      7. Cook till both sides of the rolled dough have a few brown spots on each side.
      8. Remove it from the pan and place it on an absorbent paper.
      9. Prepare the remaining parathas in the similar way.
      10. Keep the pan on medium heat for the next steps.

      Adding eggs to the parathas:
      1. Break the eggs in a bowl. Add salt as per taste. Beat the eggs. Divide the egg mixture in 4 equal portions. Keep aside.
      2. In the same heated pan (in which parathas were prepared), add 1/8 tsp of oil. Spread the oil on the pan.
      3. Pour 1 portion of the egg mixture and spread it in a circular shape such that it is almost the same diameter as the parantha.
      4. Place 1 paratha on the egg mixture in the pan before the egg sets. Lightly press the paratha with a spatula such that the egg sticks to the paratha. Cook for 10-15 seconds. Flip. Cook for another 10-15 seconds.
      5. Remove it from the griddle.
      6. Repeat the same procedure for the other egg mixtures & parathas.

      Assembling the Eggroll:
      1. Place the egg covered paratha on a flat surface with the egg side up.
      2. Spread the sliced onion and green chilies along the diameter of the paratha. Sprinkle salt & pepper as per taste. Drizzle some lemon juice & tomato ketchup as per your taste on top of the filling.
      3. Roll the parathas. Wrap the bottom half of each paratha in a foil or paper. Tuck the paper/foil well so the roll does not open up.
      4. Your Kolkata Egg Rolls are now ready. Serve hot.
      1. For non-vegetarians, you can add fillings of Chicken or Mutton kebabs to the roll. 


      1. What a lovely ode to Calcutta’s street food, and… yum, egg rolls! You make me miss Calcutta so much and brought back lovely rolls memories .....

        1. I am glad you liked the rolls! Egg Rolls bring back so many memories of Kolkata streets to me too :)

      2. Hi, I'm dimple's friend...but i've fallen in love with ur blog JUST BECAUSE u have posted about egg rolls...mmmm....they are simply a taste of heaven. I'm gonna try them ASAP!! And, yes, the very name alone KOLKATA EGG ROLLS bring back lovely memories of my egg roll wallah, named babloo, who even now makes egg rolls near STGS, on the street in front of kalicharan sweets!!!

        1. Hello Yasmin, so good to have you here! Happy to know that the famous Egg Rolls managed to allure you to my blog. Thanks for appreciating & joining the blog! I too have fond memories of our egg roll wallah on Camac street. Every time I make these rolls, makes me nostalgic :) Hope you get to try them soon. Do let me know how it turns out. XXX