Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji is stir-fried crumbled Paneer (cottage cheese) with chopped onions, tomatoes and bell pepper in a light selection of Indian spices. It is a delightfully flavorful dish with a quick and hassle-free preparation. Paneer Bhurji's great taste combined with its nutritional benefits makes it a very popular dish in Indian homes. In fact, the preparation of Paneer Bhurji is so simple and quick that it is one of my favorite dishes to rustle up when I am feeling a bit lazy or running short of time. The nutritional value of Paneer Bhurji comes from the high protein content in Paneer. Add to this the versatility of the dish - have it with Roti or Chapati at lunch or dinner time, or stuff Paneer Bhurji into an Egg Roll, Kathi roll or puff pastry and it becomes a delectable snack. It even tastes great as a toasted sandwich filling at breakfast. Any way you look at it, Paneer Bhurji packs all the qualities that makes it a great dish loaded with flavor and healthy goodness hidden in its simple unassuming looks.


SERVES : 3-4

    250 gms Cottage Cheese (Paneer); crumbled
    1 cup chopped Onion
    1 cup chopped Tomatoes
    1/2 cup finely chopped Green Bell Pepper (Capsicum)
    1 tbsp minced Ginger; peeled
    1/4 tsp Asafoetida
    1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper (Red Chilli Powder) or to taste
    Salt to taste
    1/8 tsp Turmeric powder
    2-3 Green Chillies (Serrano) or to taste; destemmed & finely chopped
    2 tsp fresh Lemon juice
    1 tbsp Oil

      For Garnishing:
        2 tbsp chopped fresh Cilantro (Coriander) leaves
        1/2 inch Ginger; peeled & sliced into thin strips

          How to make Paneer Bhurji

          1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan on medium heat. Add asafoetida & stir.
          2. Add chopped onions and saute till they are translucent.
          3. Add ginger. Saute for 15-20 seconds.
          4. Add chopped tomatoes. Saute till they are soft but not mushy.
          5. Add chopped bell pepper. Saute till they are cooked but slightly crunchy.
          6. Add turmeric powder, cayenne pepper, green chillies. Mix well. Saute for a minute.
          7. Lower the heat. Add crumbled cottage cheese, salt and lemon juice. Mix well and saute for a minute.
          8. Adjust salt to your taste.
          9. Switch off the heat. Your Paneer Bhurji is now ready.
          10. Transfer it to a serving bowl. Garnish with chopped cilantro leaves & sliced ginger.
          11. Serve hot with roti, naan or parantha.


          1. I just love this....simple n yummy...perfect with roti and a good stuffing for sandwich & paratha's.

            1. Thanks! I enjoy it a lot too because of its great taste & simplicity.