Sooji Malai Halwa

Sooji Malai Halwa

Sooji Malai Halwa is a luxuriant, creamy twist to the traditional Sooji Halwa - one of the most popular Indian desserts. Sooji Malai Halwa is a unique preparation that I learnt from my mom - the creamy texture and flavor transform the traditional Sooji Halwa into a amazingly delectable dessert and turns it into an ambrosial concoction fit for the gods.

Halwa (Halva) is a flour-based dessert with gelatinous consistency, and Sooji (or Suji or Rava) is the Indian word for Semolina. Sooji Malai Halwa is amazingly easy to prepare, and the sweet aroma that rises as the Halwa simmers in the pan is sure to tempt your family & guests to dip a spoon straight into the Wok to have a go at the golden Malai Halwa. So next time you have a sweet craving, indulge yourself with Sooji Malai Halwa - your sweet tooth will thank you forever :)

Sooji Malai Halwa Recipe

Serves : 4-5

    1 cup Semolina Flour (also called Sooji or Rava)
    1 cup Cream
    2 tsp melted Clarified Butter (Ghee)
    3/4 cup Sugar or to taste
    3 cups Water
    1 tsp Cardamom powder
    8-10 Raisins
    1 tbsp Pistachio slivers for garnishing

      How to make Sooji Malai Halwa

      1. Mix semolina flour & cream in a bowl. Set aside for half an hour.
      2. In the meantime, boil water, sugar and cardamom powder in a pot on medium heat. Keep stirring often till the sugar dissolves. Switch off the heat & set aside.
      3. Heat a deep non-stick pan on medium heat. Add semolina-cream mixture & roast till it turns golden brown while stirring constantly.
      4. Once roasted, lower the heat, gently add the sugar syrup while stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming. Be careful while adding syrup as the mixture will splatter.
      5. If there are any lumps, break them with the back of your spatula/stirring spoon to get a smooth consistency. Add raisins & mix well.
      6. Increase the heat to medium, cook the mixture till it is thick.
      7. Add clarified butter & mix well. Cook till the mixture starts separating from the sides of the pan.
      8. Sooji Malai Halwa is now ready. Transfer it to a bowl & garnish with Pistachio slivers.
      9. Serve hot.

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      1. What a gorgeous halwa that is and festive pictures :)