Vegetable Momos / Dumplings

Vegetable Momos Dumplings

Vegetable Momos (similar to Chinese dumplings, dim sums, wontons, Japanese gyōza) are savory steamed balls of dough stuffed with a spicy veggie mixture. These cute, soft momos/dumplings are exotic in looks and taste and are so very deliciously succulent and juicy to bite into. They are best served hot and steaming with a bowl of spicy sauce for dipping - the steaming heat and the spiciness release a torrent of flavors that your taste buds will love. Momos can be either steamed or deep-fried - I prefer steamed Momos as this keeps them healthy and thus retains the nutritional value of the veggie ingredients.

Momos proliferated in India through migrants from Tibet and Nepal, and are now a very popular street food in large parts of Northern India. They are great as appetizers, party starters or as a light meal. Try some now, and discover a unique flavor that will make you understand why nature intended us to consume a meal every few hours ... good ol' mother nature :)

Vegetable Momos / Dumplings Recipe

Makes : 24 Pcs.


For the wrapper (see Tips for alternative):
    1 cup All Purpose Flour (Maida)
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 cup All Purpose Flour for dusting

      For the filling:
        2 1/2 cup chopped Cabbage
        1 cup chopped Carrot; peeled
        1/2 cup chopped onion  
        1/4 tsp Black Pepper Powder
        3-4 Serrano Green chillies or to taste; destemmed & finely chopped
        1 tsp Vinegar
        1 tbsp Soy Sauce
        Salt to taste
        1 tbsp minced fresh Ginger
        1 tbsp minced fresh Garlic
        1 tbsp Oil
        Small bowl of water

          How to make Vegetable Momos / Dumplings

          To make the filling:
          1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan on medium heat. Add minced ginger & garlic & saute for 30 seconds.
          2. Add onion and saute till it turns soft. Add all the veggies and saute for a minute on medium-high heat.
          3. Add all the remaining ingredients for the filling (except salt) & saute till the mixture becomes dry. 
          4. Add salt & mix well. Adjust seasoning as per your taste. Set aside to cool. 

          To make the wrappers:
          1. Mix the flour & salt in a bowl. Slowly add water & knead the mixture to make a smooth pliable dough. Cover with a damp cloth & let it rest for 30 minutes.
          2. Once rested, divide the dough into 24 equal portions & shape into balls. Cover the dough balls with a damp cloth.
          3. Take a dough ball, dip in the loose flour. Use the rolling pin to roll into a 3-inch circle (keep the center slightly thicker than the edges).

          Assembling the dumplings/momos:
          1. Line a baking sheet/plate with wax paper. 
          2. Hold the wrapper in a slightly cupped hand. Add 1 tbsp of filling in the center of the wrapper.
          3. Using your fingertips, moisten inner edges of wrapper with water. Fold in half, enclosing filling and press edges firmly to seal.  
          4. Place the filled dumpling onto the baking sheet/plate & cover with a dry towel. Ensure that the filled dumplings do not touch each other. 
          5. Repeat procedure with the remaining filling and wrappers.

          Steaming the Dumplings / Momos:
          1. Fill a wok/saucepan ½ full with water and bring to a boil. 
          2. Line the bottom of the bamboo steamer (see Tips for alternative) with parchment paper or banana leaf.
          3. Arrange the dumplings in a bamboo steamer such that they do not touch each other.
          4. Fit bamboo steamer into the wok/saucepan & steam for 10-12 minutes. Steam in batches.
          5. Serve immediately with extra soy sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

          1. Pre-made dumpling wrappers can be used instead of preparing & rolling the dough. Pre-made wrappers are available in local Asian stores.
          2. Idly steamer can be used instead of bamboo steamer. Brush the plates with little oil so the momo doesn't stick to the surface.


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