Green Chana Chaat (Green Chickpea Salad)

Green Chana Chaat (Green Chickpea Salad)

Green Chana Chaat (aka Green Chickpea Salad) is a mouth-watering, tongue-tickling, super healthy salad with tangy and spicy flavors. When mixed in the right measure, the boiled green Chana (Green chickpeas) perfectly tempers the intense tanginess of the lime juice and spices to create a scrumptious salad that delights the senses. Besides being served as a delicious salad, you can also enjoy Green Chana Chaat as a healthy, light and refreshing snack. In fact, Green Chana Chaat is a really popular street-side snack in India, and road-side vendors selling this delicious concoction is a common sight on almost all train platforms and even on trains in India.

Green Chana Chaat is really quick & easy to make, and Green chickpeas are loaded with health benefits - rich in low-fat protein, high in dietary fibers, high in calcium & iron, and do not contain any trans or saturated fats. In sum, a great-tasting and healthy salad .....time for you to try a spoonful and savor the tanginess :)

GREEN  CHANA  CHAAT  (Green Chickpea Salad)  RECIPE

Serves : 2-3

1 cup Dried Green Chickpeas (Hara Chana), see Tips; washed & soaked overnight in 3 cups of water
3/4 cup finely chopped Red Onion
1/2 cup finely chopped Tomato
3 Serrano Green Chillies or to taste; destemmed & finely chopped
2 tbsp fresh finely chopped Cilantro (Coriander) Leaves
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper (Red Chilli powder), or to taste
Black salt to taste
1 1/2 tsp Chaat Masala
1 tbsp fresh Lemon Juice, or to taste

How to make Hara Chana Chaat

  1. In a pressure cooker, add soaked green chickpeas, 3 cups of water & salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles or till done. Remove the lid once the pressure/steam has subsided completely. Drain the water.
  2. Transfer the cooked peas to a large bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients & mix well. Adjust seasoning to your taste.
  3. Serve immediately. 


Dried Green Chick peas are available in Indian Grocery Stores.

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